Police: Woman arrested after topless road rage attack

Susan Kettell (Sandwich Police Dept.)

SANDWICH, Mass. (AP) – Police say a Massachusetts motorist has been arrested after getting out of her sport utility vehicle, removing her shirt and charging topless while holding a knife toward another motorist.

The other motorist turned out to be an off-duty police officer who called the Sandwich Police Department to report the woman, identified by police as Susan Kettell, 39.

Police say on Facebook that they received a call Saturday of an SUV driving erratically. They say the driver attempted to crash into the caller’s vehicle before pulling up behind it at a red light.

Police say the woman got out of the SUV, removed her shirt and ran toward the other vehicle while holding a dagger-like knife.

They say the 39-year-old woman is facing several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon.

When police found Kettell, officers said she was intoxicated. The dagger involved was located by officers inside her vehicle, Sandwich police said.

A male passenger was also intoxicated and placed in Protective Custody.


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