Victim says charges excessive against Tennessee man charged with attempted murder

CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Cheatham County man is facing attempted first-degree murder charges, but his victim doesn’t agree with the severity of those charges.

Brian Garrett has spent 25 of his 42 years in prison, according to the Tennessee Department of Corrections

Tuesday morning, he went back to jail charged with vandalism and attempted murder. Body cam footage shows his arrest early Monday morning when deputies go looking for Garrett.


Law enforcement surrounded the back of a home on Abernathy Road in Cheatham County and go inside after a few knocks at the door.

The video shows the deputies going down a hallway and finding the ex-con asleep in bed. Garrett, known as “8 Ball,” puts up a little resistance as he asks for clothes and a cigarette before going to jail.

Once he’s back in the squad car, he can be heard saying he knew better.

Brian Garrett’s arrest record (Courtesy: Tennessee Department of Corrections)

According to deputies, he used a box cutter to puncture his girlfriend’s daughter’s fender and tire. When the girlfriend intervened, his arrested report indicates he pulled a knife and held it to her throat.

The report states the victim told him to leave, “that he was not welcome anymore, especially when he was drinking.”

Garrett allegedly became upset and started calling her names as he accused her of sleeping with another man.

According to the report, the 42-year-old then “stated that he was going to f*** up the car that was sitting in the driveway.”

“He started towards it with a box cutter that he had removed from his pocket. The victim states that after slicing the tire, Garrett took out a silver folding knife and placed the blade against her neck and while doing so the blade folded on to Garrett’s hand cutting him. Garrett started flinging the blood form his hand at the victim and started throwing beer on her. That’s when Garrett ran,” the rest of the report reads.

WKRN spoke with the victim by phone on Tuesday.

“That blows my mind,” she said when she was told Garrett was charged with attempted first-degree murder.

The victim said Garrett never hurt her and the charges are excessive.

“Are you serious? I didn’t write that,” she said when told of the charges. “I never wrote nothing like that. Attempted first degree murder…that blows my mind.”

She said he placed the knife to her jaw but that the knife was not open. She says that’s when he cut his own hand and flung his blood at her.

The victim also says he spit and threw beer on her before leaving.

“And they’ve blown this totally out of proportion,” she added. “And if I’m stuck with anything, if he tries to kill himself or anything, I’ve already lost the love of my life once, and now you are going to put this charge on me. That makes me worry about him killing himself or his family or anything, or coming after me.”

Deputies said the charges are appropriate. He’s due in court Wednesday for a bond hearing.

According to TDOC, Garrett was let out or prison in October of last year. He’s been in out of the system for 25 years.

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