Eric Campbell jury sent home for weekend to ‘refresh,’ judge says

Eric Campbell and Jerome and Dora Faulkner

OXFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – Deliberations in the Eric Campbell trial were put on hold Friday morning after a juror asked to be excused.

Unexpectedly, the judge sent the jury home for the weekend after a juror asked to be excused.

It is possible there could be a mistrial in this case if the person identified as juror number 3 does get excused.

Jurors are in the middle of deliberating Campbell’s future, who is facing two counts of first-degree murder in the Jan. 1, 2015 deaths of Dora and Jerome Faulkner.

Less than 2 hours into the first full day of deliberations, juror number 3 asked to be excused saying she’s not able to evaluate the case.

Before addressing the jury, Judge Henry Hight talked it over with the state and defense.

“If one, two jurors should not be able to continue, that would result in a mistrial,” said Hight.

The possibility of a mistrial is devastating to the Faulkners’ friends.


“It just seems almost like a nightmare that this is happening,” said Janet Gravitt, who had known Dora Faulkner for 30 years.

Hight mentioned deliberations can be emotional.

Shortly before noon Friday, he sent the jury home.

“I’m going to excuse all of you for our weekend recess period with the desire this will allow each of you to become refreshed,“ he said.

Gravitt wanted a verdict Friday.

“I would hope anybody selected for jury duty would follow through completely and if they discovered they couldn’t, they need to discover it before the last day,” she said.

Now, any sort of closure for her will have to wait until at least Monday.

“Family support and friends, prayers, it’ll all come together Monday morning and it’ll be a better Monday morning,” she said.

There are five alternate jurors in the trial, but once deliberations started, those jurors were not able to replace one of the original 12.

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