Facebook fury and death threats after NC county euthanizes 2 dogs

Snow (left) and Night. WNCT photos.

BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) — The euthanization of two dogs at the Beaufort County Animal Shelter sparked anger among some Beaufort County residents who took to social media to share their frustration.

Facebook commenters claimed the dogs, which were surrendered to the shelter once their owner passed away, were put down too early and out of malice.

The dogs were named Night and Snow.


While some commenters were under the impression a rescue was getting ready to pick the two shepherds up, Beaufort County animal shelter Chief Officer Lassiter said that was false.

Lassiter said there was not a rescue group planning to adopt the dogs. He said he has received death threats and dozens of hate emails after the animals were put down.

One woman emailed the shelter acting as a representative for an out-of-state rescue group, Lassiter said. When asked to fill out a rescue application, Lassiter said she never responded with the completed form.

A rescue cannot seize an animal from animal control/shelter unless the rescue founder, not a representative, fills out the application, and Lassiter said that is why it all fell through.

Once 72 hours was up and the dogs were still not adopted, Lassiter said a crowded animal shelter forced them to euthanize both shepherds and said it was done in accordance with North Carolina state law.

Lassiter said the shelter became crowded after picking up 13 dogs on Monday, and he said one the shepherds was aggressive.

Lassiter said no malice was intended.

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