Family struggles to remove bees from NC beach home

Some of the bees at the Calabash home.

CALABASH, N.C. (WECT) — A family visiting their Calabash vacation home said they arrived to find swarms of honey bees outside.

Martha Sharpe and her family arrived on Monday and said they’ve been avoiding hundreds of bees all week.


Becky Lowman is staying at the house, and said even more bees were likely in the walls.

“The beekeeper told us if we saw a hundred up there, there were probably thousands and thousands up there than the hundred,” Lowman said.

According to Orkin, a queen bee is capable of laying up to 2,000 honey bee eggs in a single day. Lowman said she worried the hive could eventually make its way inside the home.

Lowman said she were told by an exterminator that killing the bees was illegal, leaving them with few options. They said they contacted the fire department, agriculture department, and the Town of Calabash for help. The family is now waiting for a beekeeper to remove the swarm on Saturday.

“They said they’re gonna have to tear the house out to get to them. But they will tear the house, but they won’t repair it back. I have to repair it back,” Sharpe said.

The family said thankfully only one person has been stung, but they’re looking forward to having the bees removed.

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