8 injured after van runs onto sidewalk in Los Angeles

KCBS image

LOS ANGELES (WNCN/AP) — Multiple injuries were reported Sunday afternoon in California after a vehicle hit several people, some who were eating dinner.

The incident happened just before 4 p.m. local time in Los Angeles along West Pico Boulevard, according to KCBS.


Aerial images from the scene showed numerous ambulances and some people being treated on sidewalks.

The driver of the van that plowed into a group of diners on a Los Angeles sidewalk, injuring eight people, has been arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run.

Police Sgt. C. Barlow said the driver, whose name has not been released, blew a red light Sunday afternoon and struck another car at an intersection.

She said the impact caused the van to careen into the sidewalk and strike a group of people eating outside The Fish Spot restaurant in the city’s Mid-Wilshire neighborhood.

A witness said the driver came out of the van and appeared disoriented. He jumped back into the van, prompting witnesses to hold him until officers arrived at the scene.

Authorities said the victims included a 44-year-old man who suffered critical injuries, three who were seriously hurt and four others who were taken to the hospital in fair condition.

KCBS image


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