At least 59 guns taken from unlocked cars in Wake County this year, authorities say

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — At least 59 guns have been taken from unlocked cars in Wake County this year, and the thefts spiked in July, with at more than a dozen guns stolen, according to authorities.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison and District Attorney Lorrin Freeman shared the numbers in a press release urging gun owners not to leave firearms in unlocked vehicles.

Deputies have dealt with 20 guns stolen from unlocked automobiles since January, while the Raleigh police have responded to break-ins in which 39 guns were reported to have been stolen from unlocked vehicles.

“Based on crime incident reports from the Wake County City County Bureau of Identification, the month of July saw a spike in the number of firearms stolen from unlocked cars with over a dozen being reported,” the press release states.

The statistics are in line with a national trend, according to officials.

“These stolen guns being out on the street increases the risk to our community and our law enforcement officers,” said Sheriff Harrison.


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