Wake Forest family Outer Banks bound after outage


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – After more than a week without power, Hatteras and Ocracoke islands are officially back in business. On Friday at noon the islands started allowing visitors in.

“At first I felt really bad for everybody that was currently there vacationing and all the homeowners and I was hopeful that I was just a quick little blink and they could get it fixed for everybody,” said Wake Forest resident, Michelle Tomlinson.

All of the islands visitors were forced to evacuate last week when the islands lost power after PCL Construction cut underground transmission cable on the Bonner Bridge. Michelle Tomlinson and her family live in Wake Forest and vacationing in Hatteras is a summer tradition. She says they planned their getaway more than a year ago.

“We started getting nervous when they started talking about repairs going into most of our next week of vacation,” Tomlinson said.

So, she contacted her travel insurance company.

“They were initially saying if we were not able to go on our vacation due to the mandatory evacuation that they would not cover the loss even though we paid for the travel insurance,” said Tomlinson.

Tomlinson says after spending 600 dollars on travel insurance, she expected to get her money back, but she says this morning the company changed their tune.

“We just got an email today saying that they will pay or they’re going to create a pathway through them to the contractors insurance company so I guess in a way they will be covering it.”

But luckily this local family won’t have to worry about that. They leave tomorrow morning for Hatteras Island.

“We feel incredibly lucky and I’m just so thankful to everybody that worked so hard,” Tomlinson said. “I mean, they did an amazing job in a very short amount of time so I’m just really happy that they were able to get things done so quickly and our vacation isn’t gonna be interrupted at all.”

Tomlinson says she’s looking forward to putting the locals back in business.

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