Dogs, cats taken from abandoned, trash-filled NC home

WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) — Columbus County Animal Control officers attempted to rescue dogs and cats that were left in a derelict home Saturday morning.


When they responded to a report of abandoned dogs at the residence just outside of Whiteville on New Britton Highway, officers found the home abandoned and littered with mounds of trash and feces, urine and insect infestation.

Three dogs and four cats were taken from the home, but Columbus County Animal Control Manager Joey Prince said in an email that officers heard other creatures moving around in the house. They are unsure if those are domesticated animals.

“We have no idea how many more may be in there,” Prince said. “We have taken what we could see and have set traps for the rest. The smell in there is unbelievable. I highly commend my staff for entering such a place to save these pitiful animals.”

People living in the home moved out recently, according to Prince.


Prince added that the cats are in marginal to very poor shape and the adult dog appears to be healthy enough to survive, but the puppies taken Saturday are “touch and go at this point.”

Charges are pending in this case, and the investigation and trapping will continue throughout the weekend and into next week, Prince said.

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