Convicted NC felon’s Facebook post before jail upsets victim’s family

Katia Montgomery (Facebook/WBTV) and Wanda Hearn (Danielle Page)

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) – A selfie posted on Facebook has the family of a victim killed in a hit-and-run crash upset all over again.

It has been nearly a year since 44-year-old Wanda Hearn was killed while walking on Court Drive with her brother. Katie Montgomery, 21, was driving on Court Drive, swerved and hit Hearn then took off. Hearn was killed in the crash.

On June 7, Montgomery was sentenced to 90 days in jail, four years of probation and ordered to pay back nearly $5,000 in funeral costs.

“She was crying, she said she was sorry and we forgave her,” Hearn’s daughter, Brittnay Bowen said.

This week when Montgomery reported to jail to serve part of her split sentence, she made one last post on Facebook that made many believe she was not sorry she took someone’s life.

“It feels like she doesn’t know she took someone very important,” Bowen said.

The post read “Goodbye Facebook See you in 2 months On September 29 at 10 am”

The post also including a smiling selfie of Montgomery smiling, much like her mugshot that was taken at the Gaston County Jail.

The post was upsetting to Bowen, who already felt like Bowen’s sentence was not harsh enough. She hopes that the courts will keep this in mind when sentencing others in similar situations.

“It’s not OK to be doing whatever you were doing when it happened, driving is not a game,” Bowen said.

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