Raleigh bar owner stuck in Honduras despite dismissal of drug charges

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh woman who had drug trafficking charges against her dismissed by a Honduran judge last week is still in the Central American country and she isn’t sure when she can leave.

Amanda LaRoque was charged with drug trafficking after airport police found a white powder in a “safe can” LaRoque was carrying. Police believed the powder was cocaine.

She was imprisoned for several days before tests on the powder showed it was not cocaine. A Honduran judge then dismissed the charges against LaRoque but the district attorney is appealing that decision, according to LaRoque’s husband, Brandon.

The district attorney there still has possession of Amanda LaRoque’s passport – something the office said Friday was due to an administrative error.

“Unfortunately, sometime after close of business Friday, it seems the District Attorney changed their mind and will be pursuing an appeal of the initial court’s dismissal,” Brandon LaRoque said.


Despite Honduran officials telling Amanda LaRoque she’ll be able to leave, she remains apprehensive.

“They’re saying they’re not going to make me stay in the country but I don’t believe that to be true,” Amanda LaRoque said.

Amanda LaRoque had been in Honduras for two weeks leading up to her arrest. She had been looking for a retirement home on the island of Roatan.

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“Who knows if they’re even going to be able to get off the island and how bad the weather is going to be after that,” said Amanda’s mother Barbara Levy. On Monday, Tropical Storm Franklin had a path that could affect Roatan.

“I’m upset, I’m angry, I’m frustrated,” Levy said. “I just want my daughter back.”

The LaRoques were hoping to get more information on Monday after Honduran government offices opened.

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