Cumberland County Detention Center to launch video visitation system

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The Cumberland County Detention Center is getting new technology to allow inmates to see their loved ones.

One person who’s looking forward to the new technology is Wendy Sutton. Her fiancé is an inmate at the jail and she said, “it’s been complicated.”

Even though they live in Fayetteville, she said it’s been hard to set up visitation times.


“I still haven’t seen him in two weeks,” Sutton told CBS North Carolina.

But the detention center will launch a new program Wednesday. It will allow friends and family who want to stay at home to see an inmate.

The web-based tool is very similar to Skype. You can download an app and through your phone, tablet or laptop you can speak to someone that’s incarcerated.

Officials said it’s expected to cut down on the amount of traffic and contraband coming into the jail.

“The big plus of this is Fayetteville is a large transient community – we have a lot of soldiers in this town,” Lt. Sean Swain with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said. “If they have happen to get locked up and their family’s from out of town this gives them the opportunity to speak to their family.”

An opportunity officials believe the inmates won’t want taken away.

“This will be monitored just like emails and just like phone calls. If an inmate or a person on the other end should do something inappropriate then their benefits will be cut off and they won’t have the option to use it anymore,” Swain said.

It will cost $4 for a 10 minute video chat, or $10 for 25 minutes.

Sutton said it’s worth the price.

“It sounds a whole lot better, especially when you have children involved. A lot of people don’t want to bring their kids up here,” she said.

The new system was purchased with the jail inmate welfare fund, and the money collected from each call will go back into that fund.

You can register and schedule your visitation now, at

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