Fayetteville’s 5 new red-light cameras to begin tracking violators today

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Drivers in Fayetteville need to make sure to keep an eye on the city’s newest red-light cameras.

The five new cameras installed around the city became operational last week and police said the grace period they were giving drivers in those areas is now over.

The new cameras were installed at the following intersections:

  • Skibo and Red Tip roads
    • Owen and Village drives
    • Raeford and Hope Mills roads
    • Grove and B streets
    • Grove and Ramsey streets

Drivers already in an intersection when the light turns red won’t get ticketed, but crossing the white stop stripe when it goes from yellow to red will.


There are now 15 intersections in Fayetteville that you’ll have to pay a fine if you run a red-light.

The 10 cameras that were previously installed have captured more than 33,600 red-light violations so far, officials said.

Traffic engineers said they’re currently seeing about the same number of wrecks as they did the year before the cameras went up.

The 50 red-light runners caught on camera each day is also about the same as when the program started.

Out of the 22,000-plus people who have received and paid tickets, only four percent got a second ticket.

“One thing of measuring success is our rate at which people do not get a second ticket, so we’re looking at that as a successful piece,” said traffic engineer Lee Jernigan. “If it’s able to save a life, that’s value.”

If you’re caught on camera running a red-light, be prepared for a $100 fine.

About one-third of that money goes to the camera company, with around two-thirds going to area schools. The Cumberland County Schools system has received $1.7 million in the past two years from the red-light program.

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