Garner health clinic abruptly closes, leaving patients in the dark

GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) – Some viewers reached out to CBS North Carolina after their mental health clinic closed abruptly.

Patients said it’s been weeks since they’ve been able to refill their prescriptions. Patients say Garner Family Care Services has been shut down since July 17.

“I got a call a few days before my appointment from the secretary saying they weren’t gonna be able to see me and they’d give me a call later and that was it and I never did hear from anybody,” said one patient.

A patient, who did not want to be identified, says a note explained that providers would not be in the office until August 1 and that they would be taking care of prescription refills.

CBS North Carolina checked Wednesday and the clinic is still not seeing patients.

“I started calling on the 2nd and their voicemail was full and nobody returned my call,” the patient said.

He says he came by in person on Monday and spoke with the owner, that’s when he was told he could come back today to pick up his prescription.

“Nobody’s there. Door’s locked. Nobody called and let me know anything.”

CBS North Carolina spoke with another patient off camera who said since the clinic shutdown she hasn’t been able to refill her medication and says she had to go to the emergency room because she was experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

We tracked down the owner of the clinic, Scott Elliot. When asked if the clinic has refilled all of the patients prescriptions, he said, “To my knowledge we have. There may have been some who haven’t followed back up with us, but yesterday we were pretty much up to date.”

Elliot says they had to shut down to a lice infestation in the office.

“During that time two of our mid-levels, our PA’s left abruptly without notice,” Elliot said.

“Something pretty bad was going on because they just up and dropped all their patients,” said a patient.

Elliot says they have someone in the office answering phones now and says they’ll reopen in another two to three weeks once they hire more providers.

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