Boy, 5, was with NC pair revived on sidewalk after apparent OD, police say

WBTV photo of the scene in downtown Salisbury on Friday afternoon.

SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) — The recent rash of overdose cases in Salisbury and Rowan County became a stark reality for store and restaurant owners and shoppers on the sidewalks of downtown Salisbury on Friday afternoon.

A man and a woman passed out on the sidewalk in the 100 block of N. Main Street at around 3:00 pm.  Police say they believe the couple had taken drugs while sitting in their pick-up truck.


A five-year-old boy was with the couple.

Witnesses saw the two adults unconscious on the sidewalk.  Bystanders called 911 while a store owner took the child inside a shop.

Firefighters from the Salisbury Fire Department, along with Rowan County EMS, and the Salisbury Police Department all responded.

North Main Street was filled with emergency vehicles and closed to traffic for a short time.

Emergency workers were able to revive the adults after several minutes.  Both were taken to the hospital.

Police took the young boy.  The Department of Social Services was contacted.

What appeared to be drug paraphernalia was found on the front seat of the truck.

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