Holly Springs adds safety measures to new intersection following 3 accidents

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) – The Town of Holly Springs is making some changes to what some drivers are calling a “dangerous intersection.”

Since the intersection at Main Street and Ralph Stephens Road opened on Friday, there have been at least three accidents and many complaints from drivers.

All three of those accidents were caused by drivers pulling out into the road without stopping at the stop sign.

“It’s pretty bad,” said Nancy Ellis. “I’ll avoid things if I’m not comfortable with it. I’ll go the long way.”

The North Carolina Department of Transportation owns the road, but they authorized the Town of Holly Springs to add more warnings to alert drivers of the stop sign.

Last week, the town installed a message board and high visibility signs let drivers know about the approaching stop sign.


After the three accidents, the town installed additional traffic calming measures, which includes rumble strips, another message board, reflective beacons and tape to the stop signs and another stop sign on the left of the road.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure drivers see the stop sign,” said Holly Springs Public Information Officer Mark Andrews.

The Town has been pushing NCDOT to put a stop light at the intersection, but state officials say it does not meet the requirements for a light.

A spokesman for the state says they’ll re-evaluate the intersection after receiving a traffic analysis report from the town.

Andrews says they expect to send the report to the state next Monday.

Many drivers say a traffic light is the only solution, especially as traffic picks up once school starts in the next few weeks.

“I’ve just been driving real careful in and out near there but yeah they need to do something about it,” said Gabby Lambrechtse. “A light would be the best scenario.”


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