Tears and hugs as Ft. Bragg paratroopers return from year-long deployment

FORT BRAGG, N.C.  (WNCN) – After a year-long deployment, 135 paratroopers arrived back at Fort Bragg Friday evening.

Family and friends were there to greet them.

“The time goes by and you can’t bring that time back,” said Rebecca Moore, the mother of one of those paratroopers.


Moore is incredibly proud of her 24-year-old son.

Tyrus Roberts spent the last year in Iraq and Syria, working with a much larger coalition to defeat ISIS. Moore said not seeing her son was tough.

“A roller coaster — ups, downs, sadness, happiness – when I hear from him letting us know that he’s OK,” Moore said.

The paratroopers with the 18th Airborne Corps marched in — and the applause and reunions were not far behind.

There were tears and plenty of hugs.

“My wife did an excellent job of making sure I had pictures every day — videos of son, we video-chatted. So we used technology a lot to make sure that I didn’t miss that much,” Paratrooper Enrico Bassett said.

“And I’m going to play Legos with him and he’s going to cut the grass and pick the weeds today,” said Basset’s son, Noah.

Clearly, his 7-year-old son has a lot planned for him.

CBS North Carolina also checked back in with Moore.

“It’s just, it’s unbelievable. I can’t describe, there’s no words to describe how you feel after being gone for a year,” said Paratrooper Tyrus Roberts, Moore’s son.

“It was just really nice to give him a hug again. Just knowing he’s home safe,” Moore said.


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