What those on college campuses can carry for self defense

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Safety is always a top concern when sending a child off to college.

So, what are students allowed to have on campus to protect themselves?

N.C. State University freshman Morgan Broadnax said she recently purchased a can of pepper spray that now hangs from a lanyard around her neck.

“I thought, ‘why not have defense just in case? Just to be on the safe side,” said Broadnax.

Broadnax says school officials told her pepper spray and knives smaller than four inches are allowed on campus.


“We actually had one of the officers come in and give us a specific list of things that were allowed and things that were not, and where they’re allowed and where they’re not,” said fellow freshman Gabriel Montague.

Montague says he’s decided not to carry anything but likes that he has the option.

“Especially since I’m staying in North Hall on Hillsborough Street, so my dorm is kind of secluded from the rest of campus,” he said.

Companies that make stun guns are advertising back to school specials.

But, the weapons are not legal on most North Carolina campuses.

Neither are guns, barring a few exceptions for employees stowing them in cars or having them in their homes on campus.

Suzi Nailor dropped off her second daughter at N.C. State Friday and appreciates the rules on campus.

“With my daughter who’s in the design school, she’ll be working late in the studio so even though it’s a short walk from there to her dorm, it’s just nice to know she’ll have something,” said Nailor.

Individual campuses may have differing regulations.

It’s best to check on your school’s policies before carrying anything on campus.

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