Knightdale community pool ‘dingy and dirty,’ some residents say

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) — Some residents say the Knightdale community pool in the Green Pines neighborhood has gone downhill and they’re hoping the town will step up and make some improvements.

The Knightdale community pool was empty Saturday.

CBS North Carolina spoke with some people in the neighborhood who say they stopped going because the pool is run down and the town hasn’t kept it up.

Diane Wolf says when she went to the Knightdale pool last week, it was dirty and full of garbage.


“Snack bags, plastic wrap, stuff that had probably drifted in from snacks that people had had,” said Wolf. “Lots of leaves and the baby side of the pool was covered with leaves the entire time. No one ever scooped anything up while we were there.”

Wolf says she used to look forward to going to the community pool.

“They’ve done a lot of improvements and put signs up showing where the pool is and there’s also camps held at the pool, so, I do think they should keep up with it if they’re in charge of it,” Wolf said.

Now she says it needs a major facelift and she thinks the town needs to take better care of it.

“To me, the biggest issue is just the facilities themselves are just run down and not very appealing,” said Marney Donald, who lives down the block from the pool. “They just seem old and not well taken care of.”

Donald thinks if the town fixed it up, more people would come.

“It’s pretty run down and the clubhouse just seems dingy and dirty,” said Donald. “It could definitely use a lot of sprucing up over there.”

Wolf says she and several others called the town to complain, but so far they haven’t heard back.

“I’d like to see them put some money into the pool,” Wolf said. “The facilities that they own, they’ve got a beautiful park in Knightdale, but they shouldn’t forget about the other things that they own and that people use.”

CBS North Carolina took those concerns to Knightdale’s Public Information Officer, Jonas Silver.

He wasn’t available to go on camera, but he did send us a statement, it says in part, “The Town of Knightdale is committed to the long-term success of the Community Pool located in the Green Pines Neighborhood.  The Town Council allocated $50,000 in the current fiscal year to completely renovate the clubhouse and kitchen.”

He says they also have plans to pave the parking lot, but residents say that’s not enough.

“I would even pay a little more to get into the pool if they wanted to increase the fees,” said Wolf. “Just to have a nicer pool.”

Silver says once the clubhouse is renovated, it will be home to the town’s Track-Out Camp. He says the council is committed to making sure all areas of the town have quality amenities.

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