More complaints about NC pet salon after puppy dies

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Following the death of a puppy earlier in the week, more people have come forward with their stories involving Yuppy Puppy.

On Wednesday, WNCT was the first to report Yuppy Puppy was under criminal investigation by Greenville Police for animal cruelty following the death of 5-month-old English Bulldog Bruno, who had been taken to the groomer for a bath on Monday.

MORE NEWS: Police investigating NC pet salon after puppy’s death

After airing the story, WNCT was contacted by at least six other former customers of Yuppy Puppy in Greenville claiming their dogs were also injured at the business.


Jaime Pedersen said she brought her two dogs, Max and Murray, to Yuppy Puppy in late April. Less than 30 minutes later, she received a call she wasn’t prepared for.

“Max has escaped from the building, and that all the groomers and receptionist were out on Fire Tower looking for him,” she said.

Pedersen said she went into a panic. It was 8:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. She said she never expected Max to survive if he tried to cross Fire Tower Rd. during morning rush hour.

But much to her surprise, Max not only crossed the street, but he somehow traveled more than a mile and found his way home. But he wasn’t unscathed.

“He was petrified,” she said. “He had blood all over his mouth.”

In the coming days and weeks, Max had to undergo several medical procedures to fix cracked teeth and extract others. Pedersen said the owner of Yuppy Puppy had agreed to pay the medical bills, but in the end, only paid around $50. The remaining balance, more than $500, was paid for by the family.

WNCT reached out to Yuppy Puppy’s owner Carrie Wells by phone on Friday. Wells said she wanted to hold off on commenting until the necropsy results come back for Bruno.

Others are preparing to make a statement against Yuppy Puppy.

Jackie Kupper has organized a peaceful vigil Saturday at 8 a.m. in front of the Yuppy Puppy store on Fire Tower. She said it is to speak out against animal cruelty, and support the family of Bruno during the difficult time.

“It happens all too often in this state and I think from the criminal justice system all the way down to our next-door neighbor, people need to speak up,” Kupper said.

Pedersen said she, like many others, now await the news of how Bruno died to see whether charges are brought forward against Yuppy Puppy.

“If it’s found out that they were negligent and that there was any kind of cruelty, that justice is served through the criminal system,” she said.

Greenville Police say it will likely be two to three weeks before the necropsy results come back.

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