NCDMV takes over license plate office closed due to ‘gross incompetence’

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – State of North Carolina employees are now running a Raleigh license plate office that suddenly closed Friday.

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles said there as “gross incompetence” by Southeast Raleigh Management Services, the contracted company that ran the office on New Bern Avenue.

Rudolph Morton, the husband of the woman who owns that company, told CBS North Carolina they did not have prior experience running a DMV office.

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“That wasn’t a requirement to have any experience in this business,” said Morton.

The DMV said that is true, as the company that gets the contract will get the proper training.

“They could have lots of prior business experience or no prior business experience,” said John Brockwell, a DMV spokesman.

Brockwell said the company that is hired will get the training it needs to run the office.

“That includes everything from A to Z, titles, registration, customer service,” Brockwell said. “Then, after that three-week period, then the agency opens and they begin serving customers.”

Morton disputed that the company was trained properly.

Brockwell said its employees did receive the appropriate training.


Right now, 118 of the state’s 120 license plate agencies are run by contractors.

CBS North Carolina asked customers if they think the company should have prior experience and opinions were split.

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“They should definitely have experience,” said Brandon Veazey, Raleigh resident.

“You can probably take anybody in most jobs, if you train them correctly, then they’ll probably be able to do their job correctly,” said Elliott Palmer, Raleigh resident.

The license plate agency on New Bern Avenue re-opened Monday with DMV employees running the office.

Customers that we spoke with reported that things ran smoothly.

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