Cumberland County Health Dept. patient: ‘This is a life and death situation’

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Cumberland County is still trying to notify 160 women about their abnormal test results.

Candace Thompson claims she’s one of those women and tells CBS North Carolina she’s going to have to have her cervix removed.

CBS North Carolina first broke this story in May.

Since then the health director and director of nursing have resigned.

They both said it wasn’t connected to these abnormal test results.

“This is a life and death situation,” Thompson said.

Thompson said she’s been going to the Cumberland County Health Department for her annual pelvic exam and pap smear for the last eight years.

“I thought everything was well and was going OK until I went somewhere different this year,” Thompson said.

That doctor telling her she had an irregular cervix.

Thompson said that would have shown up in pap smears.

She told CBS North Carolina she was never informed of any abnormal results by the Health Department. If she had been notified, she could have gone for additional testing and follow-up.

Now Thompson said she’s in danger of developing cervical cancer and has to have her uterus removed.

“I really don’t want to have that surgery because I do want more kids and having that surgery I don’t have that chance anymore,” Thompson said.

Thompson has a 4-year-old son.

Candace Thompson with her son

She’s 29 years old and hoped to have other children.

She believes she’s one of the 29 women who were never notified of abnormal test results.

It was a CBS North Carolina report that led the county to investigate.

That review looked at cervical screenings done between 2011 and 2015. According to it, all 160 patient records reviewed weren’t handled in accordance with policy. All of those women had abnormal test results.

“We have requested her medical records; have not gotten those records back yet,” Allen Rogers, Thompson’s attorney said.

Rogers’ said his office put that request in about 45 days ago.

Thompson said she decided to speak out because she believes there are other women like her out there.

She’s hoping to get the word out, so they can come forward and get the medical attention they need.


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