Hundreds attend Charlottesville vigil in Raleigh, vow to fight for racial justice

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Raleigh community is fighting for racial justice after the violence that happened in Charlottesville this past weekend.

Monday, hundreds packed Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Gardens in Raleigh for a vigil hosted by the North Carolina Piedmont Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Those in attendance said they need to use this momentum and unity the community is feeling to fight for change in the country.

Some in the crowd were people present during the violence in Charlottesville this past weekend.


“I was probably 30 feet away,” said Beñat Quartararo.

Quartararo says going to Charlottesville he knew there would be people against his beliefs, but amongst the terror and confusion he says there was hope.

“To see there are people like you, who will do whatever they can to make sure you’re safe because they know you will do that for them, is truly an amazing thing,” said Quartararo.

Organizers say this momentum has to continue past the vigil and people need to pick up the fight. Some in the crowd have already started their own crusade.

“It was just a massive response of people wanting to put a spotlight on these white supremacist,” said Logan Smith.

Smith, a local activist in the community, started identifying people on Twitter who were in the photos from Charlottesville.

In a few days he’s gained hundreds of thousands of followers, but not all in support.

“I’m also getting a huge number of death threats. Threatening me, my family and my extended family,” he said.

Smith said he’ll continue his fight. Those who attended the vigil said they’ll do the same.

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