Many wondering ‘what’s next?’ in Durham after Confederate statue torn down

A Confederate flag was placed in front of the toppled flag in Durham. It was quickly torn up and thrown away (Lauren Haviland/CBS North Carolina)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A day after protestors tore down a Confederate statue in downtown Durham, many people are wondering “what’s next?”


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Before the historic courthouse opened for business Tuesday, a crew with Durham County brought chains and machinery to remove a piece of the Confederate statue torn down.

A Durham resident that came to see the monument Tuesday morning, said “it was finally time for people to take matters into their own hands.” She added, “I wanted to bear witness to one of the relics finally coming down of this very, very dark, horrible time in our history.”

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But while some were there to take pictures, one man placed a lone Confederate flag directly in front of the monument.

He told CBS North Carolina’s Lauren Haviland, “What you see right here is a bunch of liberal, democratic thugs that’s backed by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It’s caused all this stuff throughout the south related to the taking down of the monuments.”

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It didn’t take long for Adam Shultz, who witnessed the man place the flag in the ground, to take it down and trash it.

“I was physically shaken and upset. I am Jewish,” Shultz said. “I waited until he went away. I didn’t want conflict. I didn’t want beef. I didn’t need to hear his thoughts. I just knew that flag didn’t need to be there.”

The statue is on Durham County property. We have reached out to officials, but it remains unclear what will happen with what was torn down and what still remains.

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