Apartments near NCSU filthy, not ready for students, family says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – They were promised modest, but clean and modern apartments near N.C. State University’s campus.

What they got instead was dirty rooms, trash, and bugs.

The general manager of the Vie Raleigh Apartments says they had about 30 complaints by Wednesday afternoon after students moved in Tuesday. CBS North Carolina also dug into complaints made to the City of Raleigh about Vie. They’ve had four this year, two of them happened on move-in day.

“The first thing I saw was like this giant dent in the floor. It was kind of like a pothole almost is what it looked like,” said student Nolan Soderlund of when he walked into his apartment at the Vie. This is the N.C. State student’s first year living off campus.

“Everything was dusty as if it was never even touched. The bathroom was like moldy and nasty, so I had to completely scrub that with bathroom cleaner. I have asthma so I checked the filter and there was stuff crawling in there,” described Soderlund.

Vie General Manager Kamie Henderson says she’s aware of some of the issues. She says they have 384 units at the complex, each of which houses multiple students. She says they’ve had 30 complaints so far.

CBS North Carolina asked if anything is being done for the students that had issues.

“So I’ve been meeting with parents myself. My regional manager is here and he’s been meeting with parents as well. Any issues they have are taken care of. I’m personally walking the apartments with the residents,” responded Henderson.

Henderson says they lost a cleaning crew and underwent renovations in the last year that could have contributed to the state of some rooms.

Soderlund and his roommates cleaned their apartment themselves, and are each getting $125 off rent next month. But, they uncovered another issue. They can’t use the pool because it failed a Wake County inspection on July 24.

As far as preventing other students from facing a similar situation, N.C. State does not provide recommendations for off campus housing, but direct students to Legal Aid for help with leases.

The City of Raleigh does not do inspections on apartments unless there’s a complaint. So that leaves good old fashioned research and word of mouth to find the right apartment.

“You read reviews, you’ll get the truth about it,” said Nolan Soderlund.

Henderson says they have not lost any residents over these issues. She says they want students to have a good experience, and are actively working to solve problems.

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