‘Fear and uneasiness’ after 9 Knightdale homes burglarized in 10 days

A door that was damaged during one of the burglaries. Photo by Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) — The Knightdale Police Department is asking for the public’s help following a string of burglaries.

Police say the thieves hit the Parkside, Carrington Woods, Widewaters, Planters Walk, and Glen Mere neighborhoods.


There were nine home break-ins in Knightdale in ten days.

Knightdale Police took to social media Friday to warn neighbors about the crime spree. Officers also hit the streets to stop drivers in targeted neighborhoods.

Toni Welch says she came home to discover her backdoor wide open with pieces of the door frame lying on the floor. As a temporary fix, her next door neighbor bolted the door shut with a piece of wood.

“The thought that somebody would invade your premises and some stranger lurk through your personal items, that brings a little fear and uneasiness,” said Welch.

Welch says the thieves made off with jewelry, cash, and sunglasses.

Heather Meeker lives in the Carrington Woods neighborhood. The thieves broke into her home the same way, through her back door. She says her fiancé walked in on the crime.

“When he started to unlock the door he heard some ruckus he thought it was our dogs,” said Meeker. “When he opened the door the house was a mess and our valuables were on our couch in our own pillowcases.”

The only thing the crooks got away with was her wedding band. Meeker says her and her fiancé are tying the knot next month.

“It’s upsetting,” Meeker said. “It’s not the best feeling in the world. It’s a material thing but it’s still my home and something he got for me, but now it’s gone.”

The victims we spoke with all say they’re installing security systems.

Knightdale Police say the best way to catch the culprits is to report anything that looks suspicious.

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