Get the best charge out of your cell phone’s battery

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – We all love our smartphones and we hate it when our phones die before we can recharge them.

But, there’s more to recharging your phone than just slapping in the power cord.

There are things you need to do to keep your phone’s battery healthy.

When your phone dies and you get the black screen of battery death, you just want to recharge your device, thinking once it’s back at 100 percent you’re good to go.

Turns out – that’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

Today’s phones use Lithium-Ion batteries and they work differently from other kinds of batteries.

Experts say, if you let your phone die and keep charging it back to 100 per cent, you’re actually stressing your Lithium-ion battery and shortening its life in the process.

Tech folks recommend charging your battery occasionally throughout the day instead of charging it all at once.

Smartphone batteries are sensitive to the heat.

If your phone gets hot when you charge it — take it out of its case and don’t ever charge it in full sunlight. That’s just too much heat for your device.

Long-term exposure to the heat can also wreak havoc with your phone’s battery.

Experts say a smartphone exposed to 100-degree temperatures for a year loses 40 percent of its ability to hold a charge.

Try and avoid wireless chargers, too.

They create heat that can hurt your smartphone’s battery in the process of creating a charging field.

Cadex Electronics has created an extensive web-based resource on batteries called Battery University which has everything from basic to advanced information.

The experts writing for that site say if you regularly kill your battery and then recharge it to 100 percent, you’ll lose 70 percent of the battery’s charging capacity in 300-500 charging cycles/

But, if you pamper your smartphone and charge it when it still has about 75 per cent power remaining, you can get up to 2,500 charging cycles before the battery begins to degrade. That’s a huge difference in battery life.

By killing some smartphone battery myths, that knowledge should help make sure you don’t kill your smartphone battery before its time.

To help you sort through the huge volume of information on the battery university site, we’ve highlighted a couple of links.

Here is one about how you can tweak your smart phone’s battery.

This link tells you the best way to charge Lithium-Ion batteries that are used in both cell phones and computers.

Email CBS North Carolina’s Steve Sbraccia if you have a consumer issue.

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