NAACP talks about Confederate controversy after Durham statue toppled

William Barber. Photo by Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The tragedy in Charlottesville has sparked protests in cities across the country, including in our own backyard.

The spotlight has been on the city of Durham all week after a Confederate statue was pulled down by protesters on Monday.

“What history are you celebrating here?” asked Chris Clark as he looked up at what’s left of the statue. “A history of enslaving other people?”


On Friday, a rumor of a KKK march sparked hundreds of counter-protesters to take to the streets.

Peggy Leiby is in town visiting. She says she wanted to see the statue for herself.

“Next, we’re going to Duke to see the statue that’s going to be relocated and I think that’s good,” said Leiby. “Take it to a museum!”

President of the North Carolina NAACP, Reverend Dr. William Barber says some of the political policies on the right have emboldened white supremacists.

“Hate and violence is one part of white supremacy, but policies and hateful agendas is another part of white supremacy,” Barber said in a press conference Saturday. “Will they acknowledge the racist voter suppression practices in 2016?”

CBS North Carolina wanted to hear from the GOP.

Dallas Woodhouse, Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party sent us this statement:

“Considering that 70 percent of North Carolina voters, including a majority of Democrats, support photo voter ID, calling those people racists and white nationalists is probably not a good election strategy, hence why the William Barber supported Democrat party keeps losing elections.”

Barber says he’s proud of the community in Durham, but says there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“If our fore-parents won against white nationalism, then we can do again,” said Barber.

Barber hopes the community will continue to fight, but he urges people to take their fight to the politicians in office.

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