NC Senate releases map for redistricting plan

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina residents are now getting a look at the state Senate’s plan for redistricting.

Senate leaders released the map Sunday night.

RELATED: Click here to view zoomable Senate map with insets (7 MB pdf file)

Federal judges forced the re-drawing of voting districts. The judges ruled that state Republicans illegally gave too much emphasis to race when they drew the current legislative voting lines.

The House released its map Saturday.

RELATED: Click here to view zoomable House map with insets (8 MB pdf file)

The General Assembly is expected to vote on the new maps late this week.

The public has a chance to weigh in before then.

Lawmakers will hold public hearings Tuesday in Raleigh — and at six community college campuses in areas where maps could change.  (Click here for the full list of public hearing sites)

In the meantime, officials said that staffers are preparing additional data including a block assignment file and shape file, which will be released on Monday morning.

The maps will also be available at the public hearing sites next Tuesday.

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