UNC students stunned after 5-year-old killed, parents injured on campus

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — A 5-year-old is dead and the child’s parents are in the hospital after police say a violent domestic incident involving a knife happened on UNC’s campus.


CBS North Carolina received reports the mother stabbed her child, however police are not confirming this. The incident happened 12:10 a.m. Sunday at Baity Hill, a residence on campus for students who have families.

And because it’s a family community on campus, people who live there tell us it’s shocking.

“When we woke up to go to church we saw blood on the wall in the hallways,” said Heather Gomez.

Gomez says she lives right next to where the incident happened.

She says her husband went out in the middle of the night to see what happened, but it was hours later they would get the full story.

Facebook users: Click to view more scene photos

“We didn’t know what happened until later today when the article came out,” said Gomez.

Downtown on Franklin Street, students say they the school should have given them more information about the incident.

“I wish they would have put it out sooner than later,” said Drew Hunter a UNC student.

Fall semester classes are scheduled to begin Tuesday at the university.

“I didn’t get the report at all, we just know someone died,” said Brett Loren, a UNC student.


An alert did go out to students notifying them of some elements of the situation. The incident happened around midnight, the notification to students was sent out after noon — more than 12 hours after it happened.

The alert said, “there is no ongoing threat to the university community” and only referenced a “fatality” and “domestic incident”

Loren says in a situation like this he would want more details.

“I wish they did a better job alerting us of the whole story so people aren’t just throwing around rumors,” he said.

However, some students said in a situation like this there is not much more the university can say.

UNC spokeswoman Joanne Peters Denny released a statement Monday that said:

“We take the safety of our campus very seriously and have procedures in place for notifications based on the threat level. The purpose of a campus notification is to allow the community to protect themselves and in this instance, there was no ongoing threat to the campus as it was a contained, domestic incident. We followed our standard protocols for notifications in which no continuing threat exists. Additionally, it is critical that we are communicating accurate information to the campus, and we must ensure we have the facts straight before we send any message.”

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