3 arrested as hundreds protest on UNC campus against Confederate statue

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP/WNCN) — A few hundred people rallied on the campus of North Carolina’s flagship university to demand the removal of a Confederate statue there.

UPDATE: Students remain at Confederate statue on UNC’s campus following protest

A man with a handkerchief covering his face was detained. Photo by AJ Janavel/CBS North Carolina. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

The gathering Tuesday night at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill focused on a statue known as “Silent Sam.” People chanted “tear it down” while uniformed officers watched from behind temporary metal barriers ringing the statue, depicting a Confederate soldier.

“Hey, hey. Ho, ho. This racist statue has got to go,” the crowd also chanted.

Several speakers addressed the crowd with a megaphone. One student, Mario Benavente, said the statue glorifies slavery.

“It celebrates the subjugation of black and brown people,” he told the crowd.

The crowd later marched through Franklin Street toward what protest leaders said was the home of the university system president. After blocking traffic for about 20 minutes, they left without incident and returned to the statue.

Not everyone wanted to see the statue toppled.

David Leeds of Durham brought a sign that said “Hands Off Sam” in big red letters. He told a reporter that he didn’t support the Confederacy but was upset by the idea that protesters had broken the law in his city by tearing down a Confederate statue a week ago. He thinks people should go about protesting in a lawful manner.

Two hours into the protest, no demonstrators had breached the barriers around the statue where officers in riot gear stood.

The protest was largely peaceful, but three people were arrested.

One person taken into custody by Chapel Hill police was a man who was wearing a handkerchief around his nose and mouth, which is against the rules of protesting on the UNC campus.


Around 9:45 p.m. Chapel Hill police confirmed a man was arrested for “wearing a mask on public property” and “resist, delay or obstruct a public officer.” Both charges are misdemeanors.

Greg Williams, a member of Industrial Workers of the World, was later identified as the man who was arrested, Chapel Hill police said.

Chapel Hill police confirmed Wednesday morning that one of those arrested was Claude Wilson, 19, of Chapel Hill. Wilson is a UNC student. He was arrested for misdemeanor resist, delay and obstruct. A police department official said Wilson was instructed to move from blocking a police vehicle and did not comply. Wilson was taken to the magistrate in Hillsborough where he was released on a written promise to appear in court on Thursday.

The third person who was arrested has not yet been identified.

Around 10:30 p.m. UNC officials released a statement about the protest:

As a University, the free exchange of ideas under the First Amendment is core to our mission. Carolina has long been a hospitable forum and meeting place for the peaceful dissemination of differing views. It’s important to note that the vast majority of those who attended tonight’s rally honored that tradition. Unfortunately some individuals did not behave in this spirit. University police arrested two individuals who were not affiliated with the University.

The safety of our campus and the community is our top priority and we thank the town, the county and the state for their support in this effort.” – Joanne Peters Denny, UNC-CH spokesperson

At least seven protesters spent the night at the statue. One student told CBS North Carolina they would protest the statue until it’s taken down.

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