NC State’s Doeren: ‘I moved as fast as I could’ to discipline players

N.C. State head coach Dave Doeren on Aug. 4, 2017. (Jeff Reeves/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A day after news of five N.C. State freshman football players being disciplined became public, head coach Dave Doeren said he is going to be “fair and firm” with this players.

Two of the freshman, Antoine Thompson and Kevince Brown, were dismissed from the team following an investigation revealed they violated the team’s code of conduct.

Three others, Isaiah Moore, Erin Collins and Xavier Lyas, were suspended from the team.

“I’m going to be fair and firm, and you never like being in a decision-making mode like that,” Doeren said.

On July 22, N.C. State campus police received a three sexual assault reports stemming from an on-campus party at Wolf Village the previous night.

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An investigation into those allegations revealed the five players were in attendance at the party where alcohol and marijuana were also present, police said.

On August 11, Inside Pack Sports reported Thompson had been removed from the team. Three days later, IPS said Brown was off the team.

The news of the disciplinary actions became public Tuesday.

“I moved as fast as I could. I’m not going to do anything until I know enough, and once I knew, I moved,” Doeren said.

The N.C. State Police Department has passed the evidence it gathered to the Wake County District Attorney’s Office who could seek criminal charges.

“Anytime somebody makes a mistake, you sit down and you work through it with all of the people involved to make the best choice for the program and for the university,” Doeren said.

In a release, the school made it clear the disciplinary actions taken against the players were “not regarding the allegations of sexual assault.”

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