NC pastor has surprising message for thieves who stole trailer used to feed homeless

This is the trailer stolen from outside Crosswinds Church in Leland Tuesday night. (Source: Crosswinds Church)

LELAND, N.C. (WECT) – A trailer used to help feed the homeless was stolen from a church in Leland Tuesday night.

Crosswinds Church Community Pastor Scott Hennis was walking across a parking lot Wednesday morning when he noticed the trailer was missing.

“I went out this morning and it’s usually parked right on the side of the building and we saw the lock had been cut, just laying in the parking lot and obviously the trailer was gone at that point,” Hennis said.

The church uses the trailer to store equipment and supplies used to feed homeless and low-income families in the area. It had been parked in the area for around three years and was locked.


It held two large grills, propane tanks, tables, generators, and cooking utensils. An estimated $4,500 worth of equipment was stolen.

The Crosswinds Church filed a police report with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday morning, but the church is not looking to press charges.

“Help us help somebody else,” Hennis said. “You know, we can bring it back in the middle of the night. We don’t care. Just so we can continue to do what we’re doing and not have a hiccup in it like we’re having right now.”

Hennis added that he hopes whoever took it will join the Crosswinds Church.

“The best outcome would be the people who took it return it and start coming to church here and eventually help us serve out of that trailer. That’d be the best outcome,” he said.

The church partners with other local organizations to serve the community. They use the trailer one to two times each month and have served around 200 people at a time.

“The most we’ve ever fed at one time was about 200 and that was out in Fayetteville,” Hennis said. “They have a huge homeless veteran population there and so we’ve connected with an organization there and we go and cook with them there once in a while. Here locally in Wilmington, we’ve served about 150 at a time.”

Hennis posted for help on Facebook, and his post has been shared over 600 times.

If you see the trailer, call the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office at 910-253-2777.

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