Community mourns wife and mom killed during SC bank robbery

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – The family of  Kathryn “Katie” Skeen, one of the women shot and killed in the Conway bank robbery earlier this week, said their final goodbyes Friday.


The Skeen family allowed WBTW to attend the service and share Katie’s story.

Katie’s pastor, David Lyle, concentrated his words on the young mother’s legacy. Her beauty was recognized throughout the community, and that was evident as hundreds lined the church in support of the Skeen family.

“As evil as it is, we know that when man means for harm and for evil, God ultimately will turn it for good and he’ll provide the comfort, and we will help this family as they mourn and grieve,” promises Lyle. “We will journey with them.”

Brandon Council of Wilson, North Carolina was captured after a short chase in Greenville, North Carolina on Wednesday.

Lyle says this unexpected tragedy has shaken the entire community, but by banding together, he hopes the Skeen family can gain strength and hope for the future.

“Coming into the bank, stealing money, stealing a car, killing two beautiful Christian women and leaving behind a total path of destruction to their families and also to this community, but we chose love,” says Lyles. “We chose to move forward with hope and joy and we will be better people for it.”

Just before the 36-year-old Skeen was killed, Lyle says she had started a foundation called Miles for Miles in memory of Pastor Kenneth Davis’ son, who was also shot and killed in October 2016.

Lyle says that foundation was for troubled youth and she was working to raise money and bring a center for at-risk kids to the area.

“She was instrumental and very passionate about having a place for troubled teens to come and to get help and get straightened out and moved in the right direction, and we believe that legacy and that light she started is going to live on,” predicts Lyle.

The family is asking that any donations go to the Miles for Miles fund. Donations can be made at any Anderson Brothers Bank or taken to Advancing the Kingdom Church in Conway, at 1601 11th Avenue.

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