Women complain of indecent exposure incidents in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Both the Wake County Sheriff’s Office and the Raleigh Police Department are investigating reports of indecent exposure, after several women claim they were flashed while driving.

Brittney, who did not want her last name used, says she had just finished an afternoon jog at Lake Johnson Park, but when she got into her car she noticed a man parked near her in the parking lot staring it her.

She says a couple minutes later he pulled into the spot beside her.

“I could tell her was staring at me and he was kind of moving back and forth and I could see his arm moving and he would look down at his lap every now and again and then back over at me,” Brittney said.

She says she took a video of the man and called Raleigh Police.

“The police officer saw the truck,” said Brittney. “He said, ‘I know exactly who that is. You’re the fifth person that’s complained on him this month.’ He said, ‘he just comes out here watches women and masturbates.’”


Another woman says on Thursday she was driving towards Raleigh on Interstate-40 near exit 301 when she noticed a car driving right alongside her.

“I kind of turned to the road for a second looked back and again staring directly at me,” she said. “That’s when he raised his hips and exposed himself quite a bit while touching himself.”

She reported it to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office. On Friday afternoon she says she was called into the sheriff’s office to do a photo lineup. She also posted about it on Facebook.

“There are certainly going to be people where it might trigger some previous trauma or people who have children in the car,” said the Raleigh woman. “So, I guess if someone sees one person coming forward they’ll be more encouraged to do so as well.”

Brittney says it makes her feel sick knowing the suspect is still out there.

“It’s disgusting to me,” she said. “I can’t imagine the type of person that would go around doing this and really feel no shame about it. It makes me feel violated in a way. I mean he didn’t touch me or come after me at all, but it feels gross.”

CBS North Carolina spoke with a third woman who says a man exposed himself to her while she was driving on Interstate-40.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office says they are actively investigating the reports.

We reached out to Raleigh Police to find out if this is was the fifth time this month police responded to calls about a man masturbating at Lake Johnson Park. Police tell me they responded to five suspicious car reports in that area near the park in the past month, but say no crime was committed.

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