300+ gators could escape as Texas flood waters approach height of fences

BEAUMONT, Texas (CNN/WNCN) — Officials at an alligator tourist attraction in Texas say that flood waters are close to exceeding the height of fences that are keeping hundreds of gators inside.

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KFDM reported that Gator County has more than 350 gators in outside areas of the attractions.

“We’re less than a foot a foot from (water) going over the fences,” Gator County Owner Gary Saurage told the TV station.

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“All of these are certified, high fences, but when it won’t quit, it won’t quit. We’ve worked around the clock and I don’t know what else to do. We’re truly tired. Everybody’s at the end of it, man.”

Two of the largest alligators, known as Big Al and Big Tex, were put in trailers to keep them from possibly escaping in the flooding.

Saurage said that a recently built gift shop is flooded with nearly two feet of water inside.

31 thoughts on “300+ gators could escape as Texas flood waters approach height of fences

  1. No Federal money should be given. You choose to live in a flood prone area. Personal responsibility dictates that you would purchase insurance. Instead, $400 billion dollars will have to be added to the National Debt to make sure families get $200k each, even those that are bused in from Chicago to get the FREE FEMA DEBIT CARDS, (food/housing/medical/clothing) NO PROOF OF RESIDENCY OR PROOF OF ID REQUIRED. Let them live in a brand new double wide FEMA trailer only to have its value plummet to scrap a year later… just like they did in the 1960’s when all the good working people moved OUT of the once great American cities.


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