Jury finds Eric Campbell guilty of first-degree murder

Eric Campbell and Jerome and Dora Faulkner

OXFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – A jury has found Eric Campbell guilty of two counts of first-degree murder following a three-week break in deliberations.

Campbell was found guilty of killing Dora and Jerome Faulkner in their Oxford home on Jan. 1, 2015. It took just over an hour for the jury to come back with a guilty verdict.

Campbell and his father, Edward Campbell, were both charged with murdering the Faulkners.

Edward Campbell committed suicide in prison.

“We’re obviously very pleased with the verdict,” said Mike Waters, the district attorney for Granville County. “There’s a lot of work that still has to be done. We’ll be heading to sentencing hearing.”

He was also found guilty on five other charges including first-degree burglary, robbery with a dangerous weapon, second-degree arson and two counts of cruelty to animals.

“It’s terrible that it happened,” said Waters. “These were wonderful people. They were the best kind of people in our community. You know, as I look over here at the children and see them, it’s a tragedy that this happened. But, we are going to do what is necessary to finish this.”

Now, the trial will move to the sentencing phase. There’s no word on when sentencing will begin.

Before it does, the defense wants to have witnesses in court from Houston, the area where Campbell grew up.

But, getting them to Oxford is difficult because of the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

“The jury will get all of the issues in this case, including the issue of sentencing, the death penalty,” said Waters.

Deliberations were put on hold after juror No. 3 first asked to be excused and was later involved in a traffic collision.

She said she could not evaluate the case.

On Monday, the defense asked that juror No. 3 be removed but that motion was denied.

EARLIER: Eric Campbell jury sent home for weekend to ‘refresh,’ judge says

During the trial, Eric Campbell testified saying his father was respondible for the Faulkner’s deaths.

Police said 62-year-old Dora and 73-year-old Jerome were killed as Eric and Edward Campbell went on a crime spree spanning several states.

The Faulkner family released a statement following Monday’s guilty verdict that read:

This day has been a long time coming. We have waited over two and one half years for justice for Jerome and Dora Faulkner, whose lives were taken in such a brutal and horrifying way. It is hard for us to find any joy in this situation. We are ready to move forward with our lives, taking the memory of Jerome and Dora with us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Granville County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Brindell B. Wilkins, Jr., the West Virginia State Police, the Lewisburg, West Virginia Police Department, the Greenbrier County, West Virginia Sheriff’s Office. We would especially like to thank District Attorney Mike Waters, Assistant District Attorney Allison Capps, and the entire Granville County District Attorney’s Office for their countless hours spent in preparing this case for trial. We would also like to thank the Oak Hill, Oxford, and surrounding communities for their support over the last two and one half years, and for the love and support of our families and friends.

Although there is no real closure for us, we continue to pray for peace. Thank you.


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