Amid new school’s construction, Apex High students move to temporary home

CARY, N.C. (WNCN)- For the first time in 40 years, Apex High School students walked into a new set of halls at Green Level High School.

For two years, the Cougars will call the Cary location home while a new Apex high school is being built to replace the old facility.

Wednesday, construction crews struck down the final part of the old building.

“It’s not the old school, but it’s a change for everyone,” explained Dawson Duguid, a senior who serves as the vice president for the student council. “It definitely leaves nostalgia, but we’re still Apex High School.”

The new, wireless facility comes with technological advances and learning spaces that are better suited to wake county public school system’s current curriculum.

It means there will be more common spaces with mobile furniture at the new Apex high school so students can work in project groups or alone.

But the temporary buildings bells and whistles, which will mirror those in Apex’s new, permanent facility, have brought road bumps.

“You’re a senior, you’re on top of your game you’re the top of your class and then here you feel just the same as all the underclassmen,” Grace Recavarren said. “So I think there’s that lack of confidence that comes with coming to a new school because I’m just as confused as everyone else is.”

With 2,100 high school students in the district, Apex school officials did expect some sort of transition period, but now that students and teachers are in the temporary location many are excited for the present, but also what the future holds for new Apex classrooms.

“This is the face, the future of high school construction and there really excited about the light,” detailed Principal Diann Kearney. “They’re excited about the furniture. They’re excited about being under one roof as a school community.”

Teachers and students will get to move into the new Apex High School by 2019, and that’s when students from the Cary area will take over Green Level High School, which WCPSS explained was built as an overflow school for Panther Creek and the anticipated new Cary residents.


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