Bike group hopes to sway those in Durham away from violent crimes

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – “Bikes Up, Guns Down,” a bike group in Durham, is looking to keep people away from violent crime and focus on a hobby instead.

Robert Belcher Jr. is a founder.

“Anybody that’s from Durham, that lives in Durham, understands that our crime rate is crazy, but that’s not what we want to be known for,” he said.

Calvin Snipes supports the mission.

He’s been arrested before and says the group helped refocus his energy.

“Having something to do positive and staying out the streets is everything to young kids coming up,” said Snipes.

They are talented bikers, often performing tricks and showing off their skills.

The only problem is, they are breaking the law.

The Durham County Sheriff’s Office says members violate traffic laws, endangering the public and themselves.

Because of that, the group is going to city officials to ask for a dirt bike park.


“I feel like that would definitely help and give them a safe place to do it instead of being in traffic, doing crazy stunts and stuff while cars are going by,” said Snipes.

Now, fewer bikes are on the streets.

Last week, deputies say they collected 18 dirt bikes and found that two of them had been stolen.

While members of the group focus on the positives, Belcher wants the public to do the same.

“Are you more concerned about guys riding beside you going down the street, or are you more concerned about them shooting at each other with you in between, sitting at the stop light,” he asked.

Belcher says he’s talked to the city’s mayor and police chief about a dirt bike park.

He plans to talk with officials next week with the Parks and Recreation department.

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