Durham tree timming service stay busy ahead of Irma

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Some living in Durham are calling David Hamm, the owner of Hamm Tree Services, to get their trees cut before Hurricane Irma possibly hits North Carolina.

“A Category 5 is just going to wreak havoc on everywhere,” said Hamm. “Sort of like Fran, there were trees down everywhere.”

That’s why his team is so busy.

Hamm says time is of the essence with just days left before Hurricane Irma hits the states.

“You can’t do much preparation,” said Hamm. “You can weeks and months ahead of time.”

A tree fell into a house during a storm in Durham last May.
If you don’t have plans to cut down large trees, Hamm says there are things you can do last minute to stay safe.

“Getting in a safe spot in their house or maybe if they have a lot of trees, they may want to go somewhere else,“ he said.

Big oak trees in your yard could be a problem. Hamm says they are the easiest for a hurricane to knock over because of so many leaves weighing on them.
One advantage though for people in the triangle, is the ground. He says the ground is dry ahead of the storm, which creates more stability.

“If it was really wet, then the ground would be saturated with water, which would make the ground like soup so they’d be easier to push over,” he said.

If any of your trees fall during a storm, Hamm says it’s always best to call a professional for help.


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