Raleigh homeowners and businesses keep close eye on Irma

Felipe Salinas showing how high the water got in his business last October. (David Hurst/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Homeowners and business owners in flood-prone areas are keeping a close eye on the forecast as Hurricane Irma moves closer to the United States.

In April, homeowners on Dacian Road saw significant flooding, but those who have lived there for decades say they’ve seen worse.

Dacian Road when it flooded last April. (David Hurst/CBS North Carolina)

“Last time I walked out, I walked in water up above my knees,” said Pinese Mial. “But with [Hurricane] Fran, water was up to my neck.”

Pinese Mial has lived in her home on Dacian Road since the 1970’s. She says she’s checking for constant updates on the projected path of Hurricane Irma.

“Oh my God, please don’t let it flood,” said Mial, who has already lost two cars in previous floods. “Please don’t let it flood down here.”

Business owners on Wake Forest Road near Crabtree Creek say they’re also closely watching the forecast.

Felipe Salinas owns Paula Street Auto Repair and says he lost thousands of dollars worth of cars, equipment and tools due to the flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew.

“We need to be ready for anything, “said Salinas. “And this time we’re going to be ready.

Salinas and others say they’re working on a plan to move equipment elsewhere if the forecast calls for potential flooding in Raleigh.

As for homeowners on Dacian Road, they say they plan on moving their cars to higher ground if flooding is a possibility.

“I’m going to take my cars up the street to start with,” said Mial. “Unfortunately I can’t move the house.”


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