Floridians fleeing Irma say airports are chaotic

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – As Hurricane Irma creeps closer to the United States thousands of people are fleeing Florida to avoid the storm.

CBS North Carolina caught up with some of the people flying into RDU International Airport Thursday. 

They say the airports in Florida are absolutely hectic and airline seats are pretty much sold out.

“There’s no gas, there’s no water, the grocery stores are empty they have security guards and police at Home Depot. They’re rioting for plywood down there, it’s crazy,” said one traveler.

But getting out of Florida airports hasn’t been easy.

An online search shows flights from South Florida costing more than $1000 people have been posting about their ticket prices on social media.

Airlines are defending their prices same ticket prices go up as seats fill up.

They also say prices are generally higher when tickets are purchased at the last minute. Facing backlash, some airlines have capped prices on any remaining direct flights out of Florida.

And American Airlines ticket won’t cost you more than $99. A JetBlue flight will cost $159 with a connection, and a Delta flight is capped at $399.

But many flyers can’t find a seat

The North Carolina attorney generals office says price gouging laws are in effect, and to incorporate airline tickets.

Anyone who thinks they might see price gouging should let the Attorney General’s Office know so we can investigate it. They can do that by calling 1-877-5-NOSCAM or visiting ncdoj.gov.

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