Raleigh missing persons case now considered a homicide

Jennifer Ann Arrington (Raleigh Police)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Police reported 44-year-old Jennifer Arrington missing in August but now search warrants reveal police suspect she is dead.

Investigators have not found Arrington’s body, but say her last known location was her apartment on Schaub Drive. Her live-in boyfriend is a suspect in the case, according to a search warrant.

Police say Arrington recently ended her romantic relationship with 41-year-old Andrew Meeks. Meeks is now in custody, but has not been charged with murder.

Police believe the murder took place on August 12. Authorities reported her missing two days later after a co-worker told them she never showed up for work. There was a pool of blood in Arrington’s apartment, according to investigators.

“It’s just shocking and surprising to me,” said Neighbor Amer Goda. “At the time, police gave me a flyer and they asked me if I had seen here or heard anything about her. I had just moved in about two months ago so I didn’t really get to know anybody in the community yet.”

Police located Meeks in Illinois on August 17. They say he had Arrington’s car and there was also blood on the passenger seat.

Police arrested the ex-boyfriend and brought him back to Raleigh and charged him with possession of stolen vehicle.

Neighbors claim they did not know much about Arrington and Meeks, saying the two had just moved into the neighborhood.

“This is a very quiet place, a very nice place to live,” said Mike Assaff. “But it is a little concerning, finding out someone who lived here, even though it was briefly, possibly committed a homicide.”

Police also say Meeks asked a family member to wash some blood-stained clothes while in Illinois. He is still in custody at the Wake County Detention Center.


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