Triangle families stock up on water ahead of Irma

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Families in the Triangle are stocking up on water days before Hurricane Irma makes landfall in the States.

“Just coming out because we’re about to have a serious hurricane, serious weather,” said Dontavious Jackson. “I just want to be prepared for anything.”

He’s not waiting around. He wants to make sure he’s prepared.

“People are taking this very serious,” he said.

A Kroger in Durham is trying to stay prepared as well, as water and bread are flying off the shelves.

“Come Sunday, Monday, there’s no telling what you may find as inclement weather grows,” said store manager Larry Davis.

Davis says customer sales shot up Thursday, unexpectedly.

“I wasn’t really prepared for the customers to start shopping yesterday being that it is set so far out,” he said.

Davis says longer hours, extra staff, and more deliveries is what it takes to stay prepared during a state of emergency.

Not knowing what Irma will bring to the Carolinas, Jackson would rather be safe than sorry.

“It’s mother nature so you really can’t control it so why not take the proper procedures to get everything you need,” said Jackson.

CBS North Carolina reached out to several grocery stores in the Triangle.

Food Lion says sales are up at its stores as well.

Along will Kroger, they’ll be replacing water, milk, bread and canned goods daily.


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