Durham activist takes a stand after a week of violence

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — One Durham activist says the community needs to take the responsibility of adopting and saving the city block-by-block after a week of violent crimes in broad daylight.

This week Durham saw three shootings happen during the day. Saturday there were two shootings alone.

Between both of the crimes on Saturday three teenagers were shot, one of them died.

“What concerns me is the broad-daylight shootings,” said Paul Scott.


Scott is a minister and the Founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation.

For 10 years, Scott has sat on the corner of Moreland Avenue and Morehead Avenue in Durham.

Every Sunday, Scott sits on a wall waiting for people to walk by. He hands them a bag of chips and a book.

He says the goal is to be a positive beacon in the lives of these community members.

He says he has adopted the block. And neighbors say it’s working.

“Brother Scott has had a great impact in this community,” said community member Carolyn Carter.

For years, Scott says he’s done this work alone. He says he is only able to focus his efforts on one block.

But after this week of violence, Scott says a change in Durham needs to happen.

He says it will be a challenge.

Scott says there is a fear of reaching out to these communities, the ones which are particularly in need.

He says churches and organizations need to break down the fear and adopt their own blocks.

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