Sentencing phase starts for man convicted of killing Oxford couple

Eric Campbell and Jerome and Dora Faulkner

OXFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — The sentencing phase of Eric Campbell’s double murder trial started Monday.

Late last month, a Granville County jury found Campbell guilty on two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Jerome and Dora Faulkner in December 2014.

Eric Campbell and Jerome and Dora Faulkner

During the first day of the sentencing phase, several people who knew Campbell testified about his character.

Shane Warren, Campbell’s best friend, took the stand.

“In a lot of ways, Eric is a lot better of a person than I am,” Warren said. “I wish I had spent more time with my grandmother, but he picked up in the areas that I didn’t.”

Warren described to the jury how Campbell interacted around his family and pointed out the difference between him and Campbell’s father, Edward Campbell.

“My mother had met Ed and wasn’t impressed, didn’t like him, thought he was a vulgar and disgusting man,” said Warren.

Campbell is facing the death penalty for the two murders prosecutors say he committed with his father.

The defense has argued that Campbell was following his father’s lead, who was controlling, even when it came to life decisions.


“His dad absolutely hated the military and said during his Navy days they brainwashed him,” Warren testified. “He was pumping negative information into Eric constantly about that and that he shouldn’t go.”

At one point, prosecutors questioned Warren’s character.

“Eric has been your best friend pretty much all of your life, since elementary school, right,” asked Mike Waters, prosecutor and Granville County district attorney.

“Pretty much, yes sir,” replied Warren.

“And, you would say anything for him, wouldn’t you,” asked Waters.

“I would only tell the truth,” said Warren.

“But, you haven’t talked today about making methamphetamines,” said Waters.

“I haven’t been asked about that,” Warren replied.

The trial has been off and on since July for reasons the defense says are beyond their control. Campbell’s attorneys suggest this sentencing phase could last a few days.

Edward Campbell committed suicide in prison.

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