Copperhead spotted creeping around Raleigh fire scene

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Just because Summer is nearing an end doesn’t mean snakes have vanished in North Carolina.


A small copperhead snake gave Raleigh firefighters a surprise as they battled what officials call an intentionally set blaze at a duplex Thursday.

The fire was reported around 11 a.m. at 628 Rawls Drive in Raleigh. A Raleigh man was later charged with arson in the fire, officials said.

Meanwhile, in the street in front of the burning home, a CBS North Carolina photographer spotted a small copperhead snake.

“I didn’t even notice until the (snake) was pretty close to me,” said CBS North Carolina photographer Patrick Priest.

The snake, which had a green tail tip, was first spotted in the middle of the street where fire crews were parked. The copperhead later slithered into the concrete gutter, which allowed the copperhead to blend in very well.

The copperhead in the gutter. Can you see it? Photo by Patrick Priest/CBS North Carolina. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

“Let this be a reminder that you should pay attention to what’s at your feet as well,” Priest reminded folks.

Firefighters at first were going to kill the snake, but then decided to leave it alone.

According to the N.C. State University Cooperative Extension, it isn’t until October that copperheads typically retreat to their underground den to hibernate until late February or early March.


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