Dad mourns son who was a victim in Fayetteville double murder

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Three people are under arrest as of Saturday, charged with a double murder in Fayetteville that happened earlier this month.

Police say two of the suspects charged are active duty soldiers.


Investigators say two men were shot and killed in the parking lot of the Smokey Bones restaurant on Skibo Road on September 5.

Fayetteville police say robbery was the motive.

The two men killed were Dareon Cook, 18, and Jonathan Goodman, 32.  Goodman’s family said he went by the nickname, “Wish.”

His parents said music and family were his passions.  He performed music along the east coast.

Facebook users: Click for photos of the victim, suspects and shooting scene

Goodman also had seven children and an eighth on the way.

“Because of this tragic event, he’s going to be sorely missed by not just his mother and I but everyone involved,” said David Goodman, his father.


Goodman’s father says his son died a day after the shooting at the hospital.

“Part of me is sad over the fact that it was done because of something as simple as a robbery,” said Goodman.

Fayetteville police charged three men with the two murders, Ferris Brown, 20, Javier Johnson, 19, and Daivon Chambers, 19.  Both Brown and Johnson are active duty soldiers at Fort Bragg.

James Evans told CBS North Carolina he saw police arrest them at a home in his neighborhood Friday night.

He said the suspects often disturbed some of their neighbors.

“There would be times where my wife and I would be in the house and we would just hear gunshots going off repeatedly, repeatedly,” said Evans.  “I’ve even looked out my window and would just see them in the circle shooting off guns.”

For now, the families of the men killed wait for more answers about why this happened.

“It’s just been very, very hard on me and on our family,” said Goodman.

The suspects are charged with first-degree murder, along with robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery.  They are in the Cumberland County Detention Center under no bond.

Goodman’s funeral is Sunday at the Howell Funeral Home in Goldsboro.  Cook’s funeral was held in Louisburg.

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