New efforts taken to find Irma evacuee’s Chihuahua that vanished in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – New efforts are underway to find the missing, sick dog of a Florida Hurricane Irma evacuee who is temporarily residing with her family in Raleigh.


Sunday, backup efforts were brought to the Riverside community where a trained dog tried to track down the missing Chihuahua, named Geordie.

The dog’s owner, Karen Calcano tells CBS North Carolina that her 15-year-old, deaf dog has been missing from Keowee Way near Perry Creek Road in north Raleigh since Thursday.

The physician assistant hasn’t been able to get back to her Fort Lauderdale home or the hospital she works at because she’s holding out hope the dog will be found.

“It breaks me up,” Calcano cried. “It completely destroys me inside to know that he’s out here alone.”

Calcano’s boyfriend, a medical sales representative, was able to return to Florida and says their home suffered minor damage. Meanwhile, Calcano says her clock is ticking because she also needs to get back to the hospital for work, especially during this time of crisis in Florida.

Still, she’s dedicated to bring Geordie back to his Florida home.


“I’m not going home until I find my dog. No way! He’s my family,” she explained. “Would you ever leave your child if your child was lost? Me neither, and I’m not going to.”

There’s a $1,000 reward being offered. Geordie was last seen wearing a gray thunder jacket.

Do not chase the dog if you see him, instead contact the owner. You can find that information at Bring Geordie Home.

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