Granville County schools adding water filters after tests show water violations

OXFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — Water quality violations in Granville County will mean several schools are adding filtered water coolers, officials said.

South Granville Sewer and Water Association (SGWASA) recently had drinking water standards violations, according to a letter from the water utility.

The water system was tested earlier this year and had levels of haloacetic acids above drinking standards, the letter said.

When parents learned of this they called the Granville School System with concerns about water in schools, school system officials say.


The school system is providing filtered water coolers in the schools that receive water from SGWASA.

Some schools received the filtered water coolers this week, but the rest will receive them next week.

Below are the schools that are receiving the filtered water coolers:

1. Butner-Stem Elementary School
2. Butner-Stem Middle School
3. Creedmoor Elementary School
4. G. C. Hawley Middle
5. Granville Central High
6. Mount Energy Elementary
7. Tar River Elementary
8. Wilton Elementary
9. Granville Early College
10. South Granville High

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